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Welcome to Midwest Merchandising Services (MWMS). Since 1986, MWMS has done one thing with one focus: we are a service management organization established to serve the needs of sales managers and suppliers, addressing their service requirements at retail level. We continue to “do one thing and do it well.” We are now a national/international organization, providing merchandising and marketing plans to all facets of retail. Our future now holds the secret to your success! Midwest Merchandising Services (MWMS) has created systems and set concepts in place to ensure the best interests of our clients are met. We have documented success stories by way of careful recruiting practices, training and development. We provide a top-notch team of service and marketing representatives strategically placed of optimum coverage across America. We will do our best to ensure your success as a merchandiser for Midwest Merchandising Services. But you must do your part! Timely, accurate, and professional work is expected at all times. When you have questions, contact us. We’re here to assist you. Again, welcome to Midwest Merchandising Services. You are an important member of our team, and we look forward to working with you.

Top Ten Goals and Objectives as a MWMS Merchandiser

  1. Bring all necessary paperwork (this will include a call report form, order form, and may include a planogram, urgent concern form and service guidelines) with you to each service call so you have a reference if any questions arise
  2. All projects must be completed as scheduled by MWMS. If, for some reason, you cannot fulfill your obligation to see each account, you MUST contact your field manager immediately.
  3. You are not to exceed time limits without prior approval from your field manager.
  4. Complete each job thoroughly and accurately. We must be able to read your handwriting in order to enter the data correctly. The timely processing of your paycheck is dependent on this.
  5. Optimize the amount of client product(s) displayed by restocking or stocking displays/fixtures.
  6. Obtain the best display position, fill, straighten and dust. Pull all products forward so fixture looks full.
  7. Develop rapport with the store manager or assistant manager to ensure their cooperation during your visit.
  8. Placing an order, when required, is of utmost importance. If the account is managed correctly, this should not be difficult to accomplish.
  9. Getting in and out in a timely fashion is of utmost importance If you can not complete on time you will be granted an approved 30minutes. You MUST document this reason and Provide a supporting signature. Do not expect the store to finish your assignment. Always leave the store and work space in better condition then when you arrived.
  10. Always report your completed paperwork within 24 hours of servicing each account. It may be an option to report your paperwork directly from the store at the end of your visit. If not, please report your paperwork within 24 hours to ensure prompt delivery to our office.

Standard Procedures for a Merchandiser Account Service Call

  1. Appropriate attire must be worn when performing your merchandising duties. Business casual preferred.
  2. Sign in, using the store’s Vendor Log Book. If the store does not have a Vendor Log Book, ask them to stamp our paperwork with a store stamp.
  3. Follow store specific rules and regulations.
  4. Identify the person in charge and introduce yourself.
  5. Walk the department and assess the situation. Check the status of each display you plan to service. Ask yourself all of the appropriate questions and then determine an action plan. Follow your planogram and fill in product.
  6. When the display has been serviced, complete your paperwork. Placing an order, when required, is important. This is the time to check out with the department or store manager and confirm the order you intend to submit. They must sign off on all paperwork.
  7. Getting the appropriate signatures from a store representative is required. We must be able to read the signature. If you feel we cannot read it, print the name next to the signature before you fax it to us. We MUST be able to read all handwriting. Write legibly with a dark, gel type pen to ensure the faxed copy is easy to read.

Follow store sign out procedures by letting someone in authority know you have completed your call.

Techniques to Produce a Positive Outcome

The way you present yourself as a merchandiser will determine your success in overcoming obstacles.

Important: The following list of “No-No’s” must be adhered to at all times:

  1. Never bring children with you while representing Midwest Merchandising Services. This could be a distraction, as well as a safety concern.
  2. Inappropriate attire should not be worn when servicing your accounts.
  3. Smoking, chewing gum/tobacco, drug use, or alcohol consumption is not permitted in any work environments.
  4. Foul language and any form of inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

Terminology Used in the Industry:

Download Midwest Merchandiser Support Information

Pay Structure

All docs/time sheets/all reports etc… must be in our office no later than 8:00 am on the 27th of the month in order for accounting to process your pay by the 25th of the next month.

Payment schedule is as follows:

We will make every effort to process and pay payroll DEC in time for holiday needs. this also gives our office a chance to close out our year. Thank you!!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

When I receive my monthly work schedule, what should I do?

Immediately respond to the e-mail by accepting the work assigned to you. If we do not hear from you within 24 hours, we will assume you are not planning to accept the work.

What if I don’t want to accept the schedule?
It’s very helpful to us if you will let us know, ASAP, if you do not plan to accept the work.

What if I want more work?

We always give our existing merchandisers a chance at additional work before we seek to hire someone else. When additional work is available, we will send it to you first and you will have a short window of time to accept or decline the additional work.

How will I be paid?

When you complete each assignment, fax in the paperwork to 1-888-349-4086. The paperwork refers to an accurate completed call report, with legible signatures, an order form with authorized signature and any other paperwork you wish to send. At the end of the work cycle, you should immediately complete and submit a time sheet that will match the work you’ve submitted.

What should I do if I don’t receive my paycheck?

Any concern regarding payroll must be in writing and sent via e-mail to accounting@midwestmerch.com.

YES you will reveive any and all proper tax forms by Jan 31st

Since you are a part-time independent contractor, you will not receive a W-2 form. However, if you are paid more than $600 in one calendar year, you will receive a 1099 form for tax purposes.

Your territories are secure and protected NO ONE will ever enter your territory unless and until you fail to complete your assignments to standard. Please notify our office immediately if you cannot complete or have any difficulties we are here to help you but you MUST keep us informed of your circumstances.