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Welcome to a finely tuned prospect board. We value your comments and feed back. You may email us at any of the addresses on the site. We invite you to visit the site often. We are striving to make the site a community of quality field representatives. We will invite you to add to our blogs, newsletters and many other additions. Merchandising is a valuable asset to retailers, suppliers and most of all, the consumer. Methods of recruiting and staffing have taken much of this value away. Our intention is to restore a small part of the value lost in current recruiting techniques.

“You never have a second chance to make a good first impression.”

Consider that when filling out your application. Take time to do so accurately and correctly. Submit your information via the form for our various companies to view. Before the companies view your information, it will be sent to our office for your privacy protection. Your application will be sorted by region, city, state or areas of coverage. Your data could be accessible to select screened industry partners, it is always protected and never sold as lists.. We do not promise you will be selected for any or all positions. Each selection is at the discretion of the prospective companies. We do not accept any liability or responsibility between any or all parties, which may facilitate this website and its opportunities. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions/questions

We wish you success.

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